Fortnite fans are always looking for ways to get an advantage of their opponents in the popular battle royale title, and building can be one of the most powerful tool in a player’s arsenal.

One of those most important building techniques players can utilize is learning to build ‘90s’. A system which allows players to quickly build a towering base in seconds by spinning 90 degrees and building a ramp with two walls to provide cover.

This technique can be difficult for new players, or for people who aren’t confident builders yet, to pick up and even long-time Fortnite fans can find it difficult to pull off 90s quickly and accurately.

To help those who struggle with building, YouTuber Neil Yo has produced a step by step guide to help players nail down the technique, and suggests heading into Playground, turning off sprint, and practising the move slowly.

The key to performing 90s quickly is to learn the movements you need to make, and practice them over and over again until they become part of your muscle memory.

To do this, Neil Yo suggests building your first section slowly, placing the two walls, the floor and then the ramp, and then walking up the left hand side of the ramp and stopping dead at the top, and doing the same thing again.

Keep performing this method, trying to perform it faster each time, until you are able to do it with ease. Then, you can start trying to do it while walking up the left side of your ramps, and then turning sprint back on once you’ve gotten that down, finally progressing onto jumping, which is the quickest way to build 90s.

This technique gives you a quick way to gain the height advantage over an opponent while protecting you from enemies trying to get to you from below, and has become a staple amongst Fortnite pro players and popular streamers.

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