You might not know his name, but you have almost certainly seen his designs.

This is the first segment in a new series where we highlight the content creators that make the Fortnite community so special.

Easkate‘s speciality is UI design. His work is constantly upvoted to the top spots on /r/FortniteBR.

His most recent post came just nine days ago with this GTA-inspired loading screen:

Loading screen redesign concept – GTA inspired skin showcase! [UI] from r/FortNiteBR

Clearly that was a hit, but what is crazy about his designs is that they are all hits. Looking at his post history is basically like looking at the top posts of the subreddit.

Here are his most recent posts not including the loading screen above:

That’s some crazy consistency

He achieved an average post score of 8.6k over those six posts, something incredibly hard to pull off.

We talked with Easkate about what motivates him to make those designs, where he draws inspiration from and what he wants to do in the future:

Interview With One of Fortnite’s Most Creative Community Members

Q: Who is the person behind these designs?

A: My name is Jacob Jaz, I’m 20 and live in the countryside in England. I started playing with the Adobe Suite when I was 12 and still in school, and picked it up pretty quickly. By the time I was 14, I was helping my Graphics and Photography teachers with Photoshop, which kind of inspired me to take it up as a career!

Fortnite Islands Map Concept! Featuring New and Old POIs! from r/FortNiteBR

Q: What was your first experience with Fortnite?

A: My first experience with Fortnite was the day it went public in September 2017! I was super hyped for PUBG to release on Xbox back in December of that year, and Fortnite kind of snuck it’s release in beforehand to fill that void, and ended up being way more fun. PUBG’s release came and went, and I don’t think I played more than 10 matches of it. The building mechanics and skill gap in Fortnite have kept me coming back no matter what’s out there.

Q: What was the first thing you designed?

A: The first thing I remember designing that I had spent some time on, was a remake of Shepard Fairey’s 2008 “Hope” poster for the Obama campaign. I remade it with Disney’s Chicken Little replacing Obama (I wish I knew why I thought this would look good), it was for a Movie Promotion project when I was 12 in school.

It was hilariously shitty. I didn’t know about any advanced tools in Photoshop or Illustrator, so I drew the whole thing using the brush tool and a mouse. Yikes.

While most of his work focuses on UI, he’s also received attention from Epic for jokes like this one:

#TeachEpicSomeTableManners from r/FortNiteBR

Q: What is your background in UI work?

A: My background in UI work is super minimal, since leaving college 3 years ago, I’ve been focusing on building design skills that translate well to a professional environment, and UI/UX is a great example of that. Every product needs a UI! I’ve spent this time designing for anyone that’ll take me, and trying to start a brand.

Q: How do you manage to match your designs with Fortnite’s actual look so closely?

A: I’ve spent a good amount of time playing Fortnite, and an even longer amount of time with video games in general, and general rules of UI design begin to become fairly apparent over time, so where you should place elements in a HUD or menu etc become sort of second-nature.

You can just kind of tell when something is in the right place, you know? So I take a small reference like Fortnite’s main menu for example, and use that to build out a color palette, then I pay attention to the basic shapes being used, and try to take all of that, mix a little of my own process and style in, and create something that looks like it belongs in-game!

Here are some great examples of his work that looks like it could be seamlessly integrated into Fortnite tomorrow:

Team Rumble Victory Royale Screen! [UI] from r/FortNiteBR
Elimination Cam! See how you got clapped without leaving the match! 👏 [UI] from r/FortNiteBR
The In-game Menu Overhaul! This would allow for full customization of menu elements to suit individual player needs and preferences! What do you think? [UI] from r/FortNiteBR

Q: Would you want to work for Epic Games one day helping on Fortnite? If yes, what would you want to be doing? If no, what are your career goals instead?

A: I’d love to work with Epic games one day, but unfortunately they’re based in North Carolina and there’s a pretty big ocean between us! It’d be a pretty long swim to work every day, so I’m not necessarily expecting to ever work there, but maybe the pieces could fall into place and something could happen.

I know if I lived over there I’d be knocking on the office door every day asking for a job! Either way, for now I’m just building my portfolio, and trying to build a ‘brand’ around my work, it’s all going well but I’m definitely a little overwhelmed with where to go, however I think I’m making the right moves. At least I hope so!

Q: How does it feel seeing your suggestions basically universally supported by the Fortnite community?

A: Seeing my suggestions universally accepted is awesome! Sometimes I really doubt my own work as any designer does, so to have this loud group of people encouraging you and giving you props when you post is really motivating, and has pretty much pushed me into overdrive in terms of how much I work!

If I’m not busy with life, I’m designing. I wake up, and start designing, or writing ideas, and don’t stop until I’m sleeping! I even draw on my phone while I’m in bed trying to sleep. Whenever ideas happen, I have to act on them super fast or else I’ll lose what got me excited about the idea in the first place!

I wouldn’t ever be this motivated without all the encouraging comments and messages I’ve received, people have been genuinely awesome! I even had one of the UI artists from Epic (Bryan Rathman) reach out in private to give me props on my designs, which was a huge boost of confidence and motivation. To know the guys in the office have their eyes on my work is a big reason to strive for perfection.

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