It seems that the recent map changes, which include Tilted Towers and the addition of Dusty Diner, are more than what we bargained for.

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Dusty Divot has been the subject of many map changes over the seasons, and with this latest patch v5.40 it has seen the addition of a brand new, revamped Dusty Diner. This included a brand new car park, logo, seating area, etc.

However, if you progress deeper into the factories at Dusty Diner you will actually find that they have also be redone since the devastating meteor strike. In fact, they have changed entirely from warehouses and factories to a museum.

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That’s right – the factories are now a museum, showcasing the historical events that occurred there; those events being the meteor strike. It makes the Dusty Diner’s existence make much more sense, as you go through the museum and the diner is at the end.

The diner also features a meteor strike logo, inspired by 80’s synthwave. So it seems that Dusty Divot are taking it on the chin and learning to capitalise from the meteor strike that devastated the area back at the start of Season 4.

You can view the museum now by going to the Dusty Factories, and stop for a drink at the Dusty Diner too.

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