Fortnite Patch v5.40 is live, as per usual minor updates to the Map have been made. Alongside the completion of the Titled Towers construction site, Dusty Divot is becoming Dusty Diner.

It seems that Dusty Divot has gotten back up to scratch ever since… you know… that meteor hit it.

Dusty Divot has took a large beating recently, from a meteorite strike to alien crystals being laid around – either way, the large warehouses on the edge of the crater haven’t served much purpose other than being the remains of the past.

That is until Patch v5.40 dropped today, and the warehouses – while still under the point-of-interest name Dusty Divot – have become Dusty Diner. We did already report that Dusty Divot would be getting a huge change this patch, but we never saw exactly what it would become.

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Dusty Diner also seems to have gotten the meteorite strike and taken it on the chin, as its logo is literally a meteor landing in a cup of coffee. It adopts an 80’s synthwave vibe and has a brand new parking lot and diner eating areas.

It’s a big change for Dusty – which is now much more modernised and easy to look at. Let’s just say we much prefer this to the run-down shatters that was the warehouses last patch.

What do you think? With this, the Tilted Towers change, and more – are we seeing the end of anything prior to Season 5 as we know it?

We do know that a volcano might have something to do with the end of Season 5 and launch of Season 6, but we’ll have to see. We’re keeping an eye on you, Mr. Cube.