A recent finding by keen Fortnite fans watching yesterday’s PAX West Summer Skirmish livestream – which showcased gameplay from the upcoming High Stakes event – suggests that Dusty Divot will be changing in the patch.

Last patch featured a change to Tomato Town, turning it to Tomato Temple – however it seems we’re getting another change in a point-of-interest. This time, Dusty Divot seems to be the victim of yet another update to the map.

This side-by-side comparison, made by @apollo_aeries, showcases the change that will be coming in the next patch. As you can see, the area looks more modernized and with what looks to be either a parking lot or plaza. We do not know if the crater is still there.

It’ll be very interesting to see how this ties into the lore of Fortnite and the existence of the ever-changing cube currently roaming the map as it pleases.

Another viewer took a photo of Dusty Divot in-game.

Image Source: imgur/sea77775

As you can see in the yellow circle the user drew, Dusty Divot looks much more clean and modernised. It’s possible the crater has been cleaned up.

We’ll have to check it out for ourselves when the upcoming Patch v5.40 drops this week with the Getaway LTM, Wild Card outfit and more additions.

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