We have now noticed that Dusty Depot has been slowly changing since Fortnite Battle Royale Season X began on August 1, thanks to an eagle-eyed fan.

Fortnite Battle Royale entered its tenth season with Season X where the return of Dusty Depot had fans excited to see one of the original POI’s added back into the game.

Fans began to speculate that if one POI can return, then others could as well. So far, it looks like Neo Tilted might see another style change as the city will be, allegedly, transformed from futuristic to wild-wild west.

Besides rumored changes, there have been subtle adjustments taking place right before our eyes in Dusty Depot that might hint towards the next chapter in Fortnite’s story.

Unboxing Dusty Depot

One Reddit user posted a video timelapse of Dusty Depot beginning on August 2 and ending on August 4 where players can really see the small, yet meaningful changes taking place.

Timelapse of the changes to Dusty Depot during the last few days from r/FortNiteBR

Each day you can see that more boxes and construction items are being removed in order to make room within each depot. We later see on August 4 that the materials are actually being moved into the grey depot.

Players will also be able to notice that there is now a telescope on the roof of the grey depot, pointing directly at the meteor.

While we don’t have any solid proof on what is taking place within Dusty Depot, we can expect the POI to be included within Season X’s story. Loot Lake played a major part in Season 9’s story where the giant mech was able to use a mystical power to win his battle against the Polar Peak monster.

Do you have any guesses on what could be constructed inside Dusty Depot?

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