So, the fifth and final rune activation has come and gone, but now a duplicate rune has appeared near Salty Springs. What could this mean?

The final rune activation went live at 12:00pm EST on May 1st. The event was naturally completed within minutes of going live, but now an anomaly has popped up near Salty Springs.

The fifth rune seems to be appearing for some players near Salty Springs. What could this mean or is it simply another Fortnite glitch?

Duplicate Fifth Rune near Salty Springs

A duplicate of the fifth rune from Loot Lake and the Volcano has now popped up near to Salty Springs.

Some players are reporting seeing the rune sitting next to one of the big oak trees. We went and got a picture of the rune about 20 minutes after the activation event was completed.


Another player that managed to see the rune was @FNBRHQ, a popular source of Fortnite leaks and news.

Not all players have been able to spot this new rune, however. This suggests that the appearance is simply a weird bug. The Fortnite leaker and data miner @Hypex has said that rune is just a glitch. The community member deleted the tweet later.

Deleted @Hypex tweet on rune location – via @Hypex

We suspect that Hypex might have been able to find the rune after all. This suggests that this rune may actually be intentionally placed at Salty Springs.

Its purpose is yet unknown, but a few Fortnite leakers have suggested that there will a countdown of some sort for the final Nexus/Volcano event.

Perhaps the rune at Salty Springs will slowly creep across the Fortnite map similar to Kevin the Cube? Could this be the countdown to the final event? Tell us your theories on this mysterious rune at Salty in the comments.

Epic Games has not released any official statement on the mysterious new rune.