After an incredible Unvaulting event in Fortnite today, a controversial weapon has made its return to Fortnite.

The Unvaulting event started off with a bang, as users were taken into the vault in Loot Lake to start pick-axing which items players wanted to see return to Fortnite.

The choices were between the Grappler, Drum Gun, Sword, Plane, and Tac SMG, and in the end, the iconic Drum Gun has won.

The in-game message news feed updated confirming that Drum Gun has been added.

The Drum Gun is now live in Fortnite in regular modes in the game after the conclusion of the Unvaulting event in the game. Users have found green and blue variants of the weapon in matches after the event.

Epic Games originally removed the Drum Gun following many fan requests of it being over-powered and enabled a lot of W-key style players to run into buildings with a powerful weapon.

There’s no indication if Drum Gun is staying the game permanently now with the votes or is here as part of the vote in the event. We’ll keep you updated…

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        • Part of what problem? The drum gun is way too Overpowered. The only problem is noobs like you holding down left ckick and shaking the mouse

          • You clearly didn’t read my comment cause I said he was part of the problem for going the mob on ghost drum gun, so think before you comment

          • Ohh my replies didn’t load properly lmao I didn’t see the comment above you

    • First season of fortnite i play and went to the event without knowing what to do the moment we went sucked. I just jumped and hitted the sword, and saw a bunch of people one over another hitting the drum gun (at that moment i didn’t knew it’s name).

  1. My unvaulting event was the game totally glitching out and not actually allowing anyone to participate..

      • The “bad” players are the ones who excessively complain and call others bad cause they have a differing opinion.

    • This is a joke, right? The only reason players excessively build is because of SMG spammers like you who just spray and W-Key instead of actually investing time to gain skill in order to actually fight back via building. Spraying is for players like you who really just have no skill what so ever and just rely on easy metas like this that ruin the game for others who actually want to play in a legitimate way.

      • You act like anyone who has a playstyle that doesn’t revolve around only building means you’re “bad” or “just a noob”. And you’re saying that it’s the “legitimate” way to play the game, how is there any right way to play a Battle Royale?

        • Also what do you expect people to do, avoid certain weapons because that weapon is “op” or because it’s “a noob weapon”?

          It really isn’t that hard to counter it. It isn’t like it has the damage of a heavy sniper paired with the mini guns fire rate or something.

          • Are you actually stupid? This contradicts your main statement saying it is “easy to counter the build spammers” but you’re saying that we should build in order to counter the SMGs? You’re actually such a waste of my time I’m done with you.

          • You’re the waste of my time. You are the one who responded to my message after all, you could have kept your ignorant babbling about not being able to counter a gun to yourself in the first place.

        • Because all of the pros play that way without just spraying and praying. I understand better now where you’re coming from, but playing with a play style that isn’t just spamming is not only more fun for both parties partaking in it, but definitely requires more skill as well.

  2. It needs a fat nerf to be in the game again, also why didn’t greasy melt if a fucking lava blast hit right next to it, Fortnite Logic

    • it did not hit greasy.
      it hit at the side of the giant ice mountain (Polar Peak) and now there is a big crack there seems like that mountain is gonna shatter or get destroyed or maybe The ice king is now mad and does something to mess up Fire king.

  3. I would have been happy with basically anything else. The majority of fortnite players have no originality or creative mind. Infinity Blade could have been a lot of fun if reimplemented properly, Bounce Pads or Grappler would have been great for movement, the plane was fun and only an issue for pro players that bitched about it, and the tac was a blast from the past. Instead we got the shitty op 2-in-1 ar smg, welcome back to season 5.

  4. I went to event and nothing happens seems like all aus just getting shit we cant play due at night or afternoon am sick of it

  5. Epic is doing this on purpose so that you cannot blame epic for the unvaulting people can only blame themselves for unvaulting the drum gun. Epic is showing that the playerbase can ruin their own game because of this unvaulting. People just do not think well these days they don’t think what will this do to the game.

    • i mean, your comment makes sense, but its not very correct imo

      everyone wants siphon back (majority), but is that good for the game?
      its epics game, and its epics choice for what happens, (and they chose to let the players choose)

  6. we wasted our chance to get a gun back forever .
    Drum gun will get vaulted or nerfed because
    the people that voted are autistic and voted for drum gun just because they wanted to use it. When they use it they like it but when they start getting spammed by it a lot they will be like”vault the gun what was epic thinking”

    • they cant vault it now. its part of the game. we have to accept it, and its not “what was epic thinking?”. its “what were the players thinking?”

      its probably going to be pretty balanced

    • You’re just a big sweat that thinks you’re so cool and killing noobs like you’re ninja is cool. You don’t have to call people autistic, or else you’re just describing yourself.

  7. The drum gun can be countered with a build and a shotgun up close,the drum kinda like the AK has to be used properly, spray and pray probably won’t work now against better players

  8. People out here acting like the developers would actually incorporate a working mechanism that allows players to “vote”. Hahaha. Even if they did, 95% in the event would be their own boys. Epic / Microsoft trolls everyone again. This time with teases of what could have been. Sweet vehicles/weapons yet they give you a weapon that has been historically hated. It’s a useless weapon, bottom line. It will not win you a victory royal in any situation ever, period. It’s more of the same. Last time it was bouncing and the addition on those space rocks. It’s so funny. I woulda loved the plane or sword, personally


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