With one weekend of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers in the books, we now have some new information.


We know that, yes, The Baller is going to dominate competitive events for as long as it is left in the game. The nerf did little to slow their role.

We learned that stream sniping may be a significant problem during these events with so much money on the line.

But now we also get access to raw data and can use that information from weekend one to bring more analytics to professional Fortnite.

Previous Fortnite events were quick from start to finish like the Winter Royale, or featured a bunch of different events like the Fall Skirmish.

The World Cup will be the most consistent Fortnite esports event we have seen yet.

One key piece of data we can look at is drop spots. ArcaneFN went through all of the players who qualified for the World Cup and looked at their drop spots to create this table. (Sorry for the poor formatting, key stats below the post)

Table of drop locations for players that qualified week 1 of the World Cup from r/FortniteCompetitive

Because the formatting does not translate well at all from the Reddit post, I extracted some key data to provide highlights of the data.

One qualifier on that list has been accused of cheating (DubsFN) and another qualified player (Johnny TK) didn’t even make the list because his cheating allegations were widespread before the list was made.

I will not be including the results from DubsFN in this post as that data is likely distorted due to his alleged cheating.

Two other people do not have their data included in this list because they were not highlighted appropriately. So, despite 20 people qualifying, these stats will only take into account the 16 people whose data exists and weren’t accused of cheating.

  • Consistency is key: 13/16 people dropped in the same spot in at least 8/10 games they played.
  • Can’t be too predictable: Only 3/16 players dropped in the exact same location each time
  • Keeping cold: Frosty Flights was the most popular landing spot with three players dropping there the majority of their games. (Frosty has the most spawns of The Baller)
  • The sweaty city: Tilted Towers was the most popular spot to deviate from their main landing choice. 6/16 players dropped Tilted just once or twice. One player dropped Tilted 7/10 games that madlad.

Many people were focused on securing balls early which explains the increased landings at Frosty Flights and around the Volcano.

I hope you found this information interesting in some way or another. It will be cool to see if a pattern emerges as more weeks of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers hit the books.

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