Apparently the E3 build of the game that Fortnite streamers are using has extra skins on it that haven’t been released.

While some of these skins have been teased or found in the data files, it is still cool to see one of the biggest streamers doing a quick skin review to his followers.

It isn’t clear if this was explicitly against the rules for streamers to do, or if this was an oversight on Epic’s part during the event.

For what it is worth, Lupo hasn’t deleted his tweets after about three hours since they were posted so he likely hasn’t taken much flak for posting these skins.

There are a ton of unreleased cosmetics right now, more than usual it feels like. That Plastic Patroller at the end of that clip is seriously sick too.

He just kept on going trying to find unique new skins he hadn’t seen before:

Hopefully, he doesn’t get in any trouble for this, but most of these skins had been already found in the game files already. Lupo definitely has a much larger platform than any individual leaker though.

There’s something to be said for building anticipation for a skin release. Do more people buy a skin when it is teased in tweets like this before it is released compared to just showing up in the item shop?

I would guess yes, but only Epic has that data. It would be interesting to see all the metrics they have when choosing how to create, market and sell skins.

What do you think? Does a leak of a skin make more people buy it or less?

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