Latest Update: Epic Games has finally confirmed that Fortnite patch v7.10 will be releasing at the original intended time.

Update: The release of the entire update has been delayed indefinitely, we will update you when more details become available.

Previously, just the Driftboard was delayed but 30 minutes later Epic decided to hold off on the entire announcement.

The article below concerns the Driftboard as no details have been released for the new delay.

The release of the Driftboard – just announced this morning – has already been delayed.

Fortnite’s first major update of Season 7 is scheduled for tomorrow at 5 AM ET and was supposed to bring a new vehicle into the game.

Instead, it appears that Epic will be using this update to focus on fixing bugs and balance improvements.

That should come as a happy change to many people in the community.

The introduction of new weapons and vehicles in Season 7 was a source of excitement that quickly turned into unhappiness.

The zip line is buggy (and needs an interact key), the planes are a bit too strong (and will be nerfed in the update) and the Infinity Blade is already in the vault (but still appearing).

Before adding in another new vehicle, Epic spending some time to focus on bugs and balance changes may be exactly what the game needs.

The Driftboard will be introduced soon enough and we will update you when the Back to the Future-esq vehicle is scheduled for introduction.

Again, this appears to be a case of less is more. No matter how many different things are added to the game, if they are buggy or annoying to use, they will only make the game worse.