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DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite November Results

OVA Noahreyli and Wave Vadeal take home first place in the European region of the DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite Duos tournament.



DreamHack Open featuring Fortnite returned for November, bringing their first Duos tournament to close-out the year. The DreamHack format had, traditionally, been Solos up until this point, with a deviation now that Fortnite supports Arena Duos and Duos tournaments.

The European region was the first to complete its stage of the tournament, with NA-East competing this past weekend.. Ahead, we’ll give you the results for EU and NA-East, with an update when the final region finishes their tournament.

DreamHack Open European results

The European region was the first to compete for their share of the $250,000 monthly prize pool with Vandeal and Noahreyli taking home first place. The duo dominated the competition without winning a single game – finishing almost 50 points above TT9 KURA 74 and Grizi BadSnipR in second.

The fan-favorite duo of MrSavage and Benjyfishy barely landed in third place with 303 points. There was a stark drop-off in points after that, with Setty and Teep scoring 262 points with two wins and an average of 3 kills per game.

Here’s a look at the top ten in the European region of the DreamHack November Duos tournament:

1stOVA Noahreyli & Wave Vadeal352$24,000
2ndGrizi BadSnipR & TT9 KURA 74304$14,000
3rd100T MrSavage & NRG benjyfishy303$11,500
4thGXR teeq & Spectrum Setty262$9,600
5thGXR Milan & chapix 74249$7,850
6thGamma Kami & OTW packo239$5,800
7thslide zeykoo  wk & Spectrum Kyzen205$4,700
8thGamma Merjin & jaspaay204$4,100
9thGrizi Snayzy & R0babzr197$3,600
10thsаеvіd & Βrowner195$3,100

DreamHack Open NA-East results

Team XSET took home the NA-East region as established pros Knight and Shark walked away with first place and $15,000 – not bad for a few days of Fortnite. Acorn and Jaq finished ten points behind in second with 329 points.

Bugha is making his case for being one of the most consistent finishers in all of Fortnite. We tend to see him at or near the top of the heap in every tournament in which he participates. DreamHack November was no different, as he and Avery finished in third – 14 points above Furious and Calc in fourth.

The fan-favorite duo of Clix and Bizzle had a disappointing week with a 25th-place finish. They’ll both look to pick it up in the next DreamHack of FNCS event. Here’s a look at how the top-ten looked when the event had ended:

1stXSET Knight, XSET Shark338$15,000
2ndOP Acоrn, jаhq329$9,000
3rdbughа, C9 Avery285$7,250
4thFuriouѕ., BBG YUNGCALC271$5,850
5thV0IL, OA Rocaine266$4,900
6thSEN Turkeyspect, Xoonies264$3,700
7thOutc4st fr4t, Vanish Bank257$2,900
8thDegеn, Ajerss252$2,550
9thvnsh glace, Trаshу244$2,250
10thskqttles, C9. Chap242$1,900

This week will feature the NA-West region, and we should see some of the biggest duos battling it out for the same prize pool that you can see, above. We’ll be back with coverage of North America next Sunday.

Until then, players can scratch their competitive itch by watching the DreamHack qualifiers or competing in this week’s presumed Marvel Knockout Super Series – which has yet to be officially announced. Have fun!


Fortnite Season 6 FNCS: dates, prize pool, format & more

The Fortnite Season 6 FNCS is coming soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the dates, format, prize pool, and more.



Fortnite Season 6 FNCS official

The Fortnite Season 6 FNCS is around the corner. Take a look at everything you need to know about the start date, Twitch Drops, prize pool, and more.

Fortnite Season 6 is here, and a new season means a new FNCS is coming. Epic recently announced the tournament, prize pool, format, and everything else we needed to know.

Ahead, we’ll cover all of the information we have about the Season 6 FNCS. Make sure to check back, as we’ll be updating this post as we learn more.

Fortnite Season 6 FNCS schedule

Fortnite Season 6 FNCS

The Fortnite Season 6 FNCS will kick off on April 22 and 23, depending on your region. The three qualifying weeks will then take place every weekend after that. We’ll have one bye week before the Semi-Finals and Reboot Round – both taking place the same weekend.

The finals will take place on May 29 and 30 for all regions except Middle East, which will happen on the 28-29. Here’s a quick breakdown of the full schedule (subject to change)

  • Qualifier 1: Middle East – April 22-24. All other regions – April 23-25
  • Qualifier 2: Middle East – April 29-May 1. All other regions – April 30-May 2
  • Qualifier 3: Middle East – May 6-8. All other regions – May 7-9
  • Bye Week: May 13-16
  • Semi-Finals: Middle East – May 21. All other regions – May 22
  • Reboot Round: Middle East – May 22. All other regions – May 23
  • Finals: Middle East May 28-29. All other regions – May 29-30

FNCS Format & prize pool

Fortnite Season 6 unstable bow

The Season 6 FNCS is a trios tournament, which is the standard format for FNCS competitions.

The top three teams from each qualifier will automatically move onto the Finals. The rest of the teams will earn Series points for each week, eventually culminating in the Semi-Finals and Reboot Round. The top-three teams in the Season 5 FNCS will automatically qualify for the Season 6 Finals.

Here’s a breakdown of the total prize pool for each region:

  • Europe: $1,350,000
  • NA-East: $690,000
  • NA-West: $300,000
  • Brazil: $300,000
  • Asia: $150,000
  • Middle East: $120,000
  • Oceania: $90,000


Fortnite Spire Assassin

The scoring system got a few adjustments in Season 6. Most notably, Epic are rewarding teams who make it past the Storm Surge placement threshold, as this is a more difficult mark to hit.

Here’s how points will be rewarded in the Season 6 FNCS:

  • Victory Royale: 30
  • 2nd: 26
  • 3rd: 24
  • 4th: 22
  • 5th: 21
  • 6th: 20
  • 7th: 19
  • 8th: 18
  • 9th: 17
  • 10th: 16
  • 11th: 14
  • 12th: 13
  • 13th: 12
  • 14th: 11
  • 15th: 10
  • 16th: 9
  • 17th: 8
  • 18th-24th: 5
  • Each Elimination: 2 Points

Twitch Drops

We don’t have any official news of Twitch drops for the Season 6 FNCS just yet, but we expect to see them when the event begins. In past seasons, Fortnite pros, streamers, and the official broadcast allowed players to earn in-game cosmetics by watching their perspective.

We’ll update you if any more news or changes come to the Season 6 FNCS. Until then, make sure to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL so you don’t miss any of the latest Fortnite news.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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Epic Games

Epic Games explain wagering ban, key remapping, intentional disconnect & more

The Fortnite competitive team have clarified rules around wagering, disconnecting, and more ahead of the Season 6 FNCS.



Fortnite competitive FNCS

Epic Games have made a clarification to their ruling on several key competitive Fortnite topics, including wagers, intentional disconnects, and much more.

The Fortnite Season 6 FNCS is right around the corner, and Epic have begun to outline what competitive players can expect.

Now, they’ve released a blog post that outlines some of the biggest issues in the space.

Intentional Disconnects

Intentionally disconnecting from a match has been an issue in competitive Fortnite for a while. Ever since the shakedown mechanic has been in the game, players have intentionally left to prevent opponents from gaining intel on their teammates.

“Intentionally disconnecting from a match in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage goes against the spirit of Fortnite competition,” the competitive team wrote in a blog post. “Accordingly, all players must be sure not to disconnect from the game while in a knocked down, ‘Down-But-Not-Out’ (DBNO) state.”

Fortnite Season 6 balance update

Key Remapping & Wagers

Epic also clarified their stance on key remapping, saying that it is entirely allowed to remap keys in Fortnite. This appears to include the use of ReWASD and similar third-party software, as they specifically mention that double-movement binds are allowed on keyboard and mouse. They only said that inputs like macros are bannable.

On the topic of wagering, Epic said that they don’t allow any wagering within their games. “Betting, wagering, or gambling on any Fortnite match or game may result in one or more of the disciplinary actions discussed above – including, but not limited to, official warnings or an account ban.”

Fortnite Season 6 leaked weapons

The article also covered some longtime rules like competitive warnings, region locking, and restarting your tournament after you’ve begun. Nothing has changed on this front, but they still went into detail in their explanation.

Whether or not you agree with some of these rules, it’s good to see that Epic are clarifying their stance on wagering, key remapping, and more. Now, players will have no excuse for breaking the rules, as they’re outlined in black and white.

Qualifiers for the Fortnite Season 6 FNCS are set to begin this weekend. Good luck to everyone competing!

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Fortnite tournament canceled after game-breaking glitch goes viral

A game-breaking Fortnite duplication glitch went viral over the weekend, prompting DreamHack to cancel their open tournament.



Fortnite Season 6

DreamHack canceled their open tournament this weekend after Fortnite players find a game-breaking duplication glitch.

Fortnite is no stranger to game-breaking glitches and exploits. Most of the time, it takes a fair bit of effort to pull off the exploits. This isn’t the case in a glitch that went viral over the weekend.

Players recently stumbled upon a duplication glitch that was troublingly easy to perform – so easy, in fact, that multiple players discovered it by mistake.

To complete the glitch, all you need to do is have a full inventory. After that, you just have to throw a consumable item while picking up another item from the ground. This will duplicate the item you throw, and you can do it as many times as you want.

We’re not sure when this glitch first made it into Fortnite, but the first round of players who discover such an exploit usually don’t talk about it. It’s safe to say that this has been possible for at least a week in Fortnite Season 6.

DreamHack, who were hosting an open tournament this weekend, decided to reschedule; citing, “tournament integrity concerns.” As this was an open, remote tournament, it would be impossible to make sure no players ever abused this glitch.

At the end of the day, it’s better that everyone knows about a glitch like this rather than only a handful. Epic will undoubtedly do something about it in the next patch. If it didn’t go viral, they may never have found out.

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