It seems like Polar Peak is starting to crumble, and a few rumors believe that dragons will be the final blow to the Fortnite Battle Royale location.

Season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale was switched up as tons of locations were removed like Greasy Grove and Flush Factory, but the new snowy location of Polar Peak was added.

Fans have been asking for a new Fortnite map for what feels like forever, but Epic has been adding different biomes and locations in order to keep the map feeling fresh.

HappyPower user posted a video showing huge cracks within Polar Peak’s glacier along with ominous sounds coming from the ice.

What is trapped in the ice?

Fans have been speculating that dragons would be arriving in Fortnite Battle Royale since season 7 when players were able to find mysterious eggs under Polar Peak’s castle.

Since then nothing has come to fruition regarding the dragons, but maybe a mid-season event could take place that would change the Fortnite map.

Season 9 saw the return of Tilted Towers and Retail Row as revamped, futuristic towns – Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, respectively.

It wouldn’t surprise us if we saw a couple more towns being remade to follow Season 9’s Utopia theme.

Would you like to see a whole new Fortnite Battle Royale map or would to prefer to see new locations added like Epic has done previously?

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