My name’s Dr. Lupo and I know how to snipe.

Fortnite’s One-Shot LTM is now available in-game and it’s a sniper’s delight.

You start with just 50 hitpoints with no option to go higher which already sounds scary enough but then you’ll learn the mode only has sniper rifles.

Players are able to jump higher and many of the items will be mobility-based such as the Grappler and Balloons making this a chaotic game mode.

Player will still have the ability to build structures so don’t sweat it if you don’t get a gun right away as you still have a way to defend yourself.

If you’re even just a casual viewer of Twitch streamer Dr. Lupo then you’ll know sniping is his trademark, meaning this mode is tailormade for him.

Since players will go down in one hit it’s important to make sure your aim is on the money, something Lupo doesn’t have to worry about a whole lot.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Lupo goes on a killing spree with Hunting Rifle taking down four players in less than a minute, all with body shots but it still counts in our book.

The One-Shot LTM is available now in Fortnite.


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