UPDATE: Epic Games announced that they are aware of the issue and will be investigating a fix for it in the future.

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This could create an issue in a competitive environment.

Fortnite’s foray into a competitive environment has been quite the mixed bag.

A recent tournament ran into an issue where Epic Games dropped a major patch, introduced the Infinity Blade, and caused some unrest among players.

Epic Games has said that won’t happen again but now there’s another thing players have to worry about.

Popular Twitch streamer Ben “DrLupo” Lupo has said the fire rate in Fortnite is directly tied to the FPS (frames-per-second) your game is running at.

If this is true then this would give PC players a huge advantage considering they can push their FPS over 60.

DrLupo made two separate clips showing the game running at different framerates. He tested this with an SMG to see how fast his clip would be emptied out.

The SMG holds 30 bullets in its clip and he tested how fast it shot at 300 FPS and at 30 FPS.

The 300 FPS clip shows the SMG was emptied quicker than the 30 FPS clip. The 30 FPS clip had four bullets left in the SMG at the time the 300 FPS video wrapped up.

This shows firing might actually be tied to the framerate which could become an issue.

He mentions he doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal in most encounters but it could end up playing some factor.

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