It is no secret that Guy ‘Dr. Disrespect’ Beahm is not a fan of Epic Games and their direction in Fortnite, and on April 15 he hit out on Fortnite’s young fan base.

Fortnite has a generally young fan base, with most fans being teenagers or younger.

One of the main reasons Fortnite has gained massive success is due to its cartoonish look and the lack of blood, which in-turn helps parents feel more relaxed about their children playing video games.

Regardless of this fact, adults still enjoy to play Fortnite and capture that rush once securing a Victory Royale, like Dr. Disrespect.

Most Fortnite pros are above the age of 18, and prefer Fortnite over more realistic shooters like Call of Duty’s Blackout or Respawn’s Apex Legends.

Why does The Doc not like Fortnite?

Dr. Disrespect began playing Fortnite once he was annoyed with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, however, he hasn’t been feeling positive towards North Carolina’s Epic Games.

The Doc went on a rant to his Twitch chat on April 15 while trying to complete the Triple Threat Challenge, which tasks players to win a solo match in Fortnite, solo in Battlefield V, and a solo in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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“The younger generation is getting softer and softer. More sensitivity out in the world, they are getting softer and softer. We are talking about the younger kids here. When they get challenged, they grow soft.”

The Two-Time Champion continued on with, “…And, these stupid ass developers from North Carolina have contributed to that. Why? You get shot once in a regular military-style, or any old-school Halo, Call of Duty. Anything that has to do with competitiveness, you have to deal with it right then and there. Either use your cover, peak, etc. This game? You get shot it’s fucking seven walls up because I’m scared to death and I got a second chance!”

Fortnite’s Build Meta

Fortnite’s gameplay revolves around building, with most players perfecting the craft.

Some players prefer to play Fortnite more naturally like other battle royale games like Call of Duty’s Blackout or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but the game’s build meta does not allow that.

Most Fortnite games end within a confusing maze of player builds, and we don’t see this meta changing anytime soon.

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