Dr. Disrespect began rising through the Twitch ranks thanks to battle royale games like PUBG, but he has grown tired of the game’s staleness and lack of attention from the developers.

Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm is no stranger to video game development, as he used to be a level designer and community manager for Sledgehammer Games.

Dr. Disrespect has commented numerous times on how PUBG has failed to rise to the occasion, and he has moved past the game.

On January 15 during his stream, Doc was playing PUBG when he was attempting to pick up items and attach them to his weapon.

The game began glitching and would not allow him to attach a scope, grip, or any other attachments.

A few minutes later after encountering server lag which caused his screen to go black, he was attacked in a cabin which caused him to lose the game.

Swiftly, Dr. Disrespect returned to his Steam library and uninstalled PUBG by doing his chat “all a favor.”

“I’m uninstalling. I am never playing again. Not interested. C’ya!” As he removed the game while calling the battle royale game “boring”.

“Believe it or not, and I never thought I would say this, playing Fortnite and going to that game, Fortnite just blows it away.”

Doc continued on with his rant by saying “When it really comes down to playing video games, for the fun of it, it really comes down to movement and how fun it feels to control a player in a game.”

Dr. Disrespect ended his talk by calling PUBG “Tyler Perry’s Boring Grounds from South Korea the most unathletic video game in the history of video game development.”

Doc isn’t the only one who has negative feelings about PUBG, as more full-time streamers move away from the battle royale game towards Epic’s Fortnite.