The Fortnite World Cup is nearly here. With the massive Final Showdown event ending in fireworks, the Fortnite world’s attention will turn to the tournament.

Even though Dota 2’s The International 2019 has now surpassed the Fortnite World Cup in terms of total prize pool, the World Cup will still be a spectacle unlike anything Epic has done so far.

This week will be important in identifying any bugs that are in the game or any strategies that could pose a problem.

One of the most likely issues will be “double heavy.” On first glance people might see this and think it refers to double heavy shotguns in a similar vein to “double pump.” It actually is referring to the heavy sniper.

Double heavy has recently come under fire from some top pros so we wanted to break down the strategy and why it poses a problem for competitive Fortnite.

How does Double Heavy work in Fortnite?

It’s pretty simple. Duos use comms to target the same person who is hiding in a box or behind a wall. Then they count down their shots so they fire right after each other. The first heavy bullet takes out the wall and the second one has a clean pass to take down the opponent.

Duos won’t use their heavy sniper rifles until they can get a guaranteed kill. Because most duos won’t have two of the weapon, players can’t really play around it. That is until they hear two snipers go off in quick succession. Here’s an example:

Double heavy sniper is the most broken combo right now. from r/FortniteCompetitive

At that point every duo in late game will know they need to be turtling behind two walls as at least one of their opponents is armed with this devastating combo.

Why Double Heavy will cause problems in the World Cup

As you can see, the strategy is very powerful, but that isn’t necessarily a huge issue by itself. There are two distinct issues with this strategy that make it such a point of contention.

The strategy is very difficult to acquire. In any esport you don’t want one team to have a massive advantage over the others. Because it is so difficult to actually get two snipers, any duo that can do it has a huge advantage over the rest of the lobby.

In the Fortnite World Cup, having games decided by who gets what loot drop is not the best form of competition.

Epic doesn’t want these deciding the winner of the Fortnite World Cup

The strategy makes games much harder to watch. This is actually the bigger issue for Epic. While competitive balance could be thrown off, this is Fortnite and that is a natural part of playing an RNG-heavy Battle Royale game. But when it begins to hurt the spectator experience is when it becomes a main concern for the World Cup.

The problem is that the only way to counter this strategy is to hide behind two walls at all times. That means hiding underneath a cone inside of a box. Turtling in just a box is already not the best to watch but at least you can see the cat and mouse game with someone trying to break in. With players hiding under cones you can hardly see anything happening around you. If two double heavy’s go off and everyone begins to turtle like this, the most exciting part of the game has suddenly ground to a standstill.

Luckily, it may be fixed before the World Cup. The final weapon being added into the game before the World Cup is a new sniper that allows you to see the path of the storm.

With a new sniper being added, it would make sense for a sniper to be vaulted at the same time. Given the issues stated above and the complaints from pro players, the Heavy Sniper is the most likely weapon to be vaulted in this week’s patch.

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