The Winter Royale qualifiers introduced a new game type to competitive Fortnite and resulted in one of the more exciting Fortnite metas.

The health and shield recharge when getting a kill prevented turtling and late game heal-offs while rewarding aggressive play.

In addition, the scoring system actually seemed to make sense in the way it balanced high placements and kills. But it could still use a bit of tweaking.

A quick refresher, the point system they used worked like this:

  • Victory Royale: +3 points
  • Top 5: +1 point
  • Top 10: +1 point
  • 3 Eliminations: +1 point
  • 5 Eliminations: +1 point
  • 7 Eliminations: +1 point

With this system, the best game a player could have was eight points by getting seven or more kills and the Victory Royale.

Ultimately, that system didn’t differentiate enough between each mark.

A concept posted by Bonesingyre to Reddit’s /r/FortniteCompetitive expanded the scoring system and gave it more depth.

Placement Points:



Elimination Points:

Every Kill1 point
3 Kills2 point bonus
5 Kills2 point bonus
7 kills2 point bonus



StandingKillsTotal PointsPlacement PointsKill points
75th2 kills2 Points02
50th2 kills2 Points02
12th5 kills11 Points29
7th2 kills8 points62
6th1 kills7 Points61
6th6 kills16 Points610
4th1 kills9 points81
3rd4 kills16 points106
2nd0 kills12 points120
2nd5 kills21 points129
1st2 kills20 points182
1st8 kills32 points1814

This would give the individual reward for each game a lot more weight and would reduce the RNG pretty significantly. Victory Royale’s still are rewarded, but even a quick drop with a couple kills gives a meager reward.

With the stacked lobbies during the peak of Winter Royale qualifiers, it was easy for players to have a great game with four kills and an 11th place finish to receive only one point. The scoring system from /u/Bonesingyre seems to fix some of these issues.

What Would A Ranked System in Fortnite Provide?

The goal of going in-depth in those scoring systems is to try to figure out what a Fortnite ranked ladder would look like. It would have to take on a unique scoring system and Winter Royale’s – or Bonesingyre’s concept based on Winter Royale’s – is a solid start. 

The benefits of using a ranked system are numerous. Just ask literally every other non-battle royale esport. The ranked ladder provides structures and constant goals to gameplay. Each ranked floor shows an improvement in skill and a feeling of accomplishment.

League of Legends Ranked System

Ranked ladders also provide an easy way of comparing competition. No longer do people have to argue about who is the best in a friend group, the rank does that for them.

For people just picking up Fortnite, they receive a much kinder new player experience. New players stand little chance in most of the current lobbies. They can drop in remote areas and make top tens, but eventually, the skill gap catches up with them and somebody just pops them as an afterthought as the circle closes. (Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to my roommate plenty.)

There are benefits at the top level too. There has been a lot of debate over who the best players in Fortnite are, and that’s because there aren’t great ways for people to showcase their skills.

The skirmishes are too isolated and RNG dependent. The winners are great players, but no skirmish result can be pointed to as the definitive best players in the game. For example, Tfue and Cloakzy won Fall Skirmish, and they seemed like the best players, but then Winter Qualifiers came around and neither one qualified.

Fall Skirmish Grand Final Results

There could be a bunch of reasons for them not qualifying, and that’s the problem. The best players in literally every other esport are well-known and recognized. The best players in Fortnite are sporadic and ever-changing. A ranked ladder would provide the active baseline for the best players, then skirmish and official results would help separate the cream of the crop.

Why a Ranked Ladder Won’t Work in Fortnite

For all those benefits, there are some key differences between Battle Royale games and traditional esports. They aren’t head to head which makes ranking up and down complicated. Even using the modified Winter Royale scoring, that doesn’t provide a way for people to rank down. Points just stack and stack.

To bring rankings back to earth there would have to be constant ranked resets bringing people down a couple ranks. The other solution would be for each game to start with a negative impact on players ranks, then, after a certain threshold of either kills or placements, the rank would go positive. That would prevent players from farming games or just dropping tilted every single game.

In addition, the lack of a ranked system may provide the good-spirited debate that fuels Fortnite. Epic may not want there to be definitive proof of the best player in a friend group. Having good-spirited debates with each player thinking they are the best could be good for the game.

A ranked system would also spell an adjustment period for many longtime players. Suddenly, Victory Royales will be much harder to come by, but they will bring back that feeling of earning the victory that made each win so heart-pumping when we started playing the game.


Do you think Fortnite should have a ranked system? How would you like it to look? Tell us in the comments below:

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