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Does Fortnite need a ranked system?



The Winter Royale qualifiers introduced a new game type to competitive Fortnite and resulted in one of the more exciting Fortnite metas.

The health and shield recharge when getting a kill prevented turtling and late game heal-offs while rewarding aggressive play.

In addition, the scoring system actually seemed to make sense in the way it balanced high placements and kills. But it could still use a bit of tweaking.

A quick refresher, the point system they used worked like this:

  • Victory Royale: +3 points
  • Top 5: +1 point
  • Top 10: +1 point
  • 3 Eliminations: +1 point
  • 5 Eliminations: +1 point
  • 7 Eliminations: +1 point

With this system, the best game a player could have was eight points by getting seven or more kills and the Victory Royale.

Ultimately, that system didn’t differentiate enough between each mark.

A concept posted by Bonesingyre to Reddit’s /r/FortniteCompetitive expanded the scoring system and gave it more depth.

Placement Points:

Rank Points
20th 2
10th 2
7th 2
5th 2
3rd 2
2nd 2
1st 6


Elimination Points:

Kills Points
Every Kill 1 point
3 Kills 2 point bonus
5 Kills 2 point bonus
7 kills 2 point bonus



Standing Kills Total Points Placement Points Kill points
75th 2 kills 2 Points 0 2
50th 2 kills 2 Points 0 2
12th 5 kills 11 Points 2 9
7th 2 kills 8 points 6 2
6th 1 kills 7 Points 6 1
6th 6 kills 16 Points 6 10
4th 1 kills 9 points 8 1
3rd 4 kills 16 points 10 6
2nd 0 kills 12 points 12 0
2nd 5 kills 21 points 12 9
1st 2 kills 20 points 18 2
1st 8 kills 32 points 18 14

This would give the individual reward for each game a lot more weight and would reduce the RNG pretty significantly. Victory Royale’s still are rewarded, but even a quick drop with a couple kills gives a meager reward.

With the stacked lobbies during the peak of Winter Royale qualifiers, it was easy for players to have a great game with four kills and an 11th place finish to receive only one point. The scoring system from /u/Bonesingyre seems to fix some of these issues.

What Would A Ranked System in Fortnite Provide?

The goal of going in-depth in those scoring systems is to try to figure out what a Fortnite ranked ladder would look like. It would have to take on a unique scoring system and Winter Royale’s – or Bonesingyre’s concept based on Winter Royale’s – is a solid start. 

The benefits of using a ranked system are numerous. Just ask literally every other non-battle royale esport. The ranked ladder provides structures and constant goals to gameplay. Each ranked floor shows an improvement in skill and a feeling of accomplishment.

League of Legends Ranked System

Ranked ladders also provide an easy way of comparing competition. No longer do people have to argue about who is the best in a friend group, the rank does that for them.

For people just picking up Fortnite, they receive a much kinder new player experience. New players stand little chance in most of the current lobbies. They can drop in remote areas and make top tens, but eventually, the skill gap catches up with them and somebody just pops them as an afterthought as the circle closes. (Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to my roommate plenty.)

There are benefits at the top level too. There has been a lot of debate over who the best players in Fortnite are, and that’s because there aren’t great ways for people to showcase their skills.

The skirmishes are too isolated and RNG dependent. The winners are great players, but no skirmish result can be pointed to as the definitive best players in the game. For example, Tfue and Cloakzy won Fall Skirmish, and they seemed like the best players, but then Winter Qualifiers came around and neither one qualified.

Fall Skirmish Grand Final Results

There could be a bunch of reasons for them not qualifying, and that’s the problem. The best players in literally every other esport are well-known and recognized. The best players in Fortnite are sporadic and ever-changing. A ranked ladder would provide the active baseline for the best players, then skirmish and official results would help separate the cream of the crop.

Why a Ranked Ladder Won’t Work in Fortnite

For all those benefits, there are some key differences between Battle Royale games and traditional esports. They aren’t head to head which makes ranking up and down complicated. Even using the modified Winter Royale scoring, that doesn’t provide a way for people to rank down. Points just stack and stack.

To bring rankings back to earth there would have to be constant ranked resets bringing people down a couple ranks. The other solution would be for each game to start with a negative impact on players ranks, then, after a certain threshold of either kills or placements, the rank would go positive. That would prevent players from farming games or just dropping tilted every single game.

In addition, the lack of a ranked system may provide the good-spirited debate that fuels Fortnite. Epic may not want there to be definitive proof of the best player in a friend group. Having good-spirited debates with each player thinking they are the best could be good for the game.

A ranked system would also spell an adjustment period for many longtime players. Suddenly, Victory Royales will be much harder to come by, but they will bring back that feeling of earning the victory that made each win so heart-pumping when we started playing the game.


Do you think Fortnite should have a ranked system? How would you like it to look? Tell us in the comments below:

Patch Notes

Fortnite v14.30 Update patch notes

Fortnite’s third major update of Season 4 has arrived in the form of the 14.30 patch, which brings a major Combat Shotgun buff to players on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.



Superheroes are the name of the game in Chapter 2 Season 4, as they take over the Fortnite island and prepare for a massive war with the evil Galactus, who’s coming to change the reality of the game forever.

With a battle on the horizon, Epic Games have decided to adjust the Combat Shotgun to give you a helping hand, while also introducing some new modes for fans to sink their teeth into.

Fortnite v14.30 patch notes

Loot Pool changes

The biggest news coming out of the October 13 patch is the adjustments Epic have made to the loot pool. The Combat Shotgun has been given a major tweak, which Epic hope will make it more useful throughout the rest of the season.

The developers confirmed that they had increased the range at which it deals damage, so hopefully players will be able to take down enemies at slightly longer distances, although Epic stated that they would be asking for feedback about the change.

Elsewhere, they’ve also announced that they are rotating in some new superpowers to keep things fresh, which will be available around the island.

Epic Games
The Combat Shotgun has received a buff.

Rally Royale LTM

Along with the buff, Epic have also dropped a new LTM for fans to sink their teeth into. Rally Royale is all about getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, though it won’t be easy.

In this mode, your task is to collect tickets before anyone else. If you’re first, a finish line will appear on the map, which you need to speed to if you want to be crowned as the winner. This LTM is expected to go live “later in the week,” Epic confirmed.

Rally Royale will test your driving skills.

Marvel Knockout Super Series

Fortnite players can get their hands on the new Daredevil skin early by winning one of the Marvel Knockout Super Series tournaments that are included in v14.30. These elimination cups begin on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

There will be four total tournaments, with anyone who competes in all of them rewarded with an exclusive Nexus War glider.

Bug Fixes

As usual, the Fortnite team has also added a number of bugs and issues to their official Trello board. This week’s patch will include fixes for many of these recurring problems, including a series of Party Royale glitches, and plenty more.

Here is the full list of bug changes set for v14.30:


  • Audio of Last Forever Emote playing even with licensed audio muted.

Battle Royale

  • Placing a map marker cancels movement.

Creative Mode

  • Grass is not removed when placing objects on the ground.
  • Some players not granted items after first round in some team games.
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Epic Games

Fortnite won’t come back to the Apple app store until at least next year



Fortnite app store

The judge in the Apple vs Epic Games case has prevented the app store from blocking Unreal Engine games, but Apple won’t be forced to put Fortnite back.

Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers denied Epic’s preliminary injuction that would force Apple to put Fortnite back on the app store while the case goes on.

However, the judge did grant their other injuction, which stops Apple from banning apps made with Unreal Engine, which Epic owns and makes. You can see the full decision here.

That means, that unless Epic decides to remove it’s direct payment method for V-Bucks, which started this whole legal battle, we won’t see Fortnite back on iOS devices. Atleast, until the trial is over.

Apple vs Epic Games

The decision to keep Unreal Engine protected though, is to stop the dispute between Apple and Epic creating havoc for “bystanders” – aka other developers not involved in the litigation, who just happen to use Unreal Engine.

In a statement, Epic said: “Epic Games is grateful that Apple will continue to be barred from retaliating against Unreal Engine and our game development customers as the litigation continues. We will continue to develop for iOS and Mac under the court’s protection and we will pursue all avenues to end Apple’s anti-competitive behavior.”

Apple, on the other hand, said: “We’re grateful the court recognized that Epic’s actions were not in the best interests of its own customers and that any problems they may have encountered were of their own making when they breached their agreement.”

The trial will commence in May, 2021, when some sort of resolution to this case will hopefully be resolved. Until then, Fortnite won’t be on iPhones or iPads – that much is certain.

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Fortnite theory points to Chapter 1 map returning in Season 5

This Fortnite theory has us returning to the old map in Season 5.



We’re into the back half of Season 4, which means that it’s time to speculate as to how the season will end and how the next season will begin. Galactus is getting closer to the Fortnite island with each passing day, and we can only guess as to what will happen when he finally arrives.

Several Fortnite theorists have presented the idea that Season 4 may usher us back to the old Fortnite map in one way or another – whether Galactus succeeds in his effort to destroy the Chapter 2 map or not.

One reason for this is the timing. Yes, we have only gone through four seasons of Fortnite, but those four seasons have lasted for over a year. We’ve been on this Chapter 2 map for a while, so it would make a decent amount of sense to send us back to the old one – at least, for a season or two.

Reddit user, u/SvenWillNeverDie420, took things a bit further, however – drawing from some in-game clues. A closer look at Tony Stark’s Battle Bus schematic shows something that looks an awful lot like the Black Hole that sent us to the new map in the first place.

What if this Black Hole was actually a wormhole? What if this is the key to the connection between the two maps – waiting to be discovered by one of the smartest men in any universe: Tony Stark?

Via: u/SvenWillNeverDie420

This theory is further amplified by the meaning of the word “nexus,” along with Donald Mustards preseason tweet, telling fans that, “It’s ALL connected.” The Nexus sphere appears to exist on both Fortnite maps. This is, after all, why Galactus is coming in the first place.

As you can see from the graphic, above, SvenWillNeverDie420 took this all to mean that there may be two playable maps next season. We think that it’s more likely that players will be sent back to the Chapter 1 map, exclusively – possibly on the back of Tony Stark’s new Battle Bus.

Of course, this is only a theory and we won’t know anything until the season finally ends. One thing’s for sure: Epic are setting us up to close the season with a massive event that could change how we look at Fortnite, forever.

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