UK Divorce Website holds gaming addictions such as the one with Fortnite Battle Royale accountable to 5% of all divorces in the UK this year.

A recent press release posted by a UK-based divorce website is blaming Fortnite and other addictive video games for the end of marriages.

The company behind the site has looked up all divorce petitions which cited Fortnite, and claims that they “received 200 divorce petitions since [the beginning of 2018] where addiction to Fortnite and other online gaming has been cited as one of the reasons for divorce.”

“This equates to roughly 5% of the 4,665 petitions [they] have handled since the beginning of the year.”

PCGamesN has worked out that if this trend suits the majority of divorce cases in the UK, then “online gaming addiction could be responsible for as many as 4,000 divorces a year.”

Fortnite isn’t the only contributing factor to online gaming addiction, however, the press release specifically cites Fortnite as a search keyword when they filtered the divorce petitions.

It seems that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only time Fortnite celebrates love. What do you think about this finding? Do you buy it?

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