The apparent data in question does, as we speculated, belong to dinosaur statues in Paradise Palms.

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Recently, Epic Games have been building-up the finale of Season 5 with events such as lightning strikes, rift explosions, and even a supernatural cube forming in Paradise Palms that zaps players.

Not just that – some players are even reporting hearing Dinosaur roars in Salty Springs, with video footage of it in our previous article.

Image Source: chaosxsilencer

To add fuel to the fire, @FDataMiners have found files in the game relating to “Dinosaur Park” in the map.

We actually do not know yet if these files pertain to current Dinosaur locations in areas such as Paradise Palms and other points-of-interest, however it could also mean that a Dinosaur Park location may be coming in the future.

There is a chance these files relate to the current Dinosaur statues in Paradise Palms, but there could also be a chance that this is an upcoming point of interest which might replace Wailing Woods as a prehistoric forest.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Fortnite possibly going “back in time” – one leaker recently speculated that the rift would go back in time on Monday 27th August.

What do you think? Are we seeing a Prehistoric themed Season 6 on the horizon? Or is it just a distraction from the real theme, hidden behind the mystery that is the Cube?

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