The long-awaited Driftboard item will be coming soon to Fortnite for a limited time as announced via the in-game message of the day!

Since it’s announcement prior to week 9 of Fortnite Season 7, players have anxiously awaited the addition of a new mobility / vehicular item in Fortnite – the Driftboard.

Despite countless leaks of Driftboard gameplay and assets, it has yet be officially revealed aside from teaser images and the Season 7 Week 9 loading screen.

Stylin’ and Profilin’

Mobility. Style. Flare. Put your own spin on the game with the new limited time Driftboard!

It’s not yet known why exactly Fortnite’s Driftboard was delayed for such a long time. Many fans speculate that Epic Games simply wanted to be sure that the item was released in a well-balanced state to avoid controversy such as the Infinity Blade.

Despite being delayed for roughly 2 months, gameplay of the Driftboard has existed since mid December 2018 due to exploits used on the mobile Fortnite client.

It seems that Epic Games has since decided to make the Driftboard a limited-time item due to the design and impact that the Driftboard has on the game.

The v7.40 files contained assets for a Driftin’ Limited Time Mode, perhaps the Driftboard will be exclusive to this playlist.


Land near a Red Supply Drop, grab a Driftboard and some weapons, meet up with your team and race to eliminate the enemies. Last team standing wins!

What are your thoughts on the Driftboard?

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