Dialogue from Fortnite’s end of Season 10 Rocket event has seemingly leaked ahead of the major in-game moment.

Fortnite fans across the world are gearing up for what looks to be an epic end of season in-game event centered around the visitor and the Dusty Depot rocket. Since the v10.30 update, the rocket has been under construction at the fan-favorite point of interest, with fans being able to watch its progress over time. 


While details remain sketchy about when the cinematic event will take place, and what it will have in store for fans, we’ve had some leaks about the location, sound effects, and possible map update. Yet, one leaker has gone above and beyond to reveal some actual dialogue from the event – so naturally, spoiler alert.

Thanks to dataminer Asriel_Dev, theories about the event have run rampant as they’ve revealed over a minute’s worth of audio in a thread of tweets.  

The words all seem to stim from the perspective of the Visitor and reference ‘The Seven’ – a group that has become central to this event. It also stems back to the Zero Point, which kicked Season X off.

As it moves forward, it appears as if the visitor and The Seven are stuck in a time loop and the only way to correct things is by setting off a device.

However, said device must be set off from within the loop – which could cause some problems if not executed correctly. 

The Visitor also notes the risk of what the Seven are trying to pull off, but that their “lengthy precautions” worked and everything seems to be going to plan.

Unfortunately, that is where the leaks from Asriel_Dev end, leaving everyone hanging until the event actually gets underway and we all get to witness what Epic Games has up their sleeves. 

Will it finally be a new map? Will the rocket fail in its launch and reset everything back to the original map? Only time will tell.