The Boom Bow was recently added into Fortnite and it’s provided a few new meta changes to the game. This new strategy gives makes the Bow THE meta instead of part of the meta.

The Boom Bow brought an interesting new way to destroying builds with accuracy rather than the raw firepower of Rocket/Grenade Launchers.

With good shots, you can destroy 3-4 builds at the same time. When looking up from low ground, you can even destroy a maximum of eight builds (4 platforms, 4 pyramids). But what if you want to take the high ground?

This new strategy will make you into Katniss Everdeen…with wings.

Fly Like an Eagle into the Win

Reddit user ‘imcharliedw’ decided he would simply sling on his remaining balloons when he realized he was out of brick and metal. It turns out he discovered the newest meta of competitive Fortnite.

Was trolling because I was shambles but actually found the new meta from r/FortniteCompetitive

Once he was off the ground, he decided he would give the Boom Bow a try. The rest was history, the win was all but assured.

The other players did not realize that the player had gotten so far above them. It was Solos match as well so each player was already otherwise engaged.

The arrows of the Boom Bow blotted out the sun. Strike after strike blew up builds and headshots instantly made players die or cower for cover.

Once ‘imcharliedw’ realize the tactic was actually working, he stuck with it. Most players will not properly react to builds being destroyed from above as typically they are destroyed from low ground or even ground.

Could we see this tactic in Pro games?

‘imcharliedw’ isn’t some player that just started playing Arena, he already had 319 points in the clip shown. These players generally know what is going on and still got demolished by this new strategy.

For this reason, we think it’s safe to say that a pro will pull out this strategy at some point in the future.

It is more risky when each player is significantly more aware than the above lobby, but it could still be doable. Less height or possible redeploys would make this viable professional strategy.

This strategy will not work as well in casual Fortnite lobbies for two reasons. One, there are much less players in much larger zones which results in people seeing you more easily. Two, siphoning has been removed from public modes since v8.20 (#revert).

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