Cosmetics in Fortnite are supposed to be purely for fun without creating a competitive advantage. Well, the Deep Dab may pose a problem…

It’s become a running meme if someone uses an emote to dodge shots out of pure luck, but that’s not what is happening with the Deep Dab.

Instead, the emote that has a player slide across the floor doing a dab can be used to get peeks through a window and pop up giving your opponent no time to react.

The exploit was found by Fortnite player TheFlexDaddy who demonstrated the strategy in this clip:

As you can see when he shows the exploit from his point of view, this is nearly impossible to see as it happens.

There are of course ways to get around the strategy if you know it is possible when there is a window edit, but that shouldn’t be required for a cosmetic.

This puts Epic in a tough spot. They either have to remove the emote and refund everyone who purchased it, something they have shown they do not like to do unless they absolutely have to.

Or they can change how edits work but with the World Cup coming up that will only cause a ton of problems.

Most likely, I think they will change the emote. Keep it stationary instead of sliding and the problematic part is taken out.

This would also help settle a dispute with Youtuber Jacksfilms who is claiming that Epic stole this emote from one of his videos.

That may or may not come with a refund – it absolutely should – but who knows if it actually will.

Are you going to use this strategy? How do you think Epic will respond to the exploit?

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