Tons of Fortnite concepts are littered across the FortniteBR subreddit, and one fan designed a weapon wrap to show his love for slurp juice!

Epic Games added the Slurp Juice consumable in all the way back in patch v1.8 and has been one of the top consumable items throughout each season of Fortnite.

The Slurp Juice takes 2 seconds to consume, and grants one health every 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 75 health and/or shield.

Slurp Juice can only be found in chests, supply drops, and loot llamas across the map so the consumable item is rather rare to come across.

Fortnite fan Skogsmose posted his weapon wrap concept to the FortniteBR subreddit which is inspired by the slurp juice’s color gradient of blue and green.

Tried to make a slurp-wrap. I´m not that good in Photoshop btw from FortNiteBR

The Slurp Juice weapon wrap concept would have the same green and blue color gradient, however, the wrap will also have an icy look to show off more detail.

Fortnite fans are often designing new weapon wrap concepts, like this Gold weapon wrap idea or this national flag concept!

It is always fun to look through social media to see what creations fans have designed, as Fortnite continues to push forward in its success.

Epic Games will be ending Season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale soon, and with the addition of Season 8, we might be able to see more weapon wraps!

What has been your favorite Fortnite weapon wrap concept that you have seen across the internet?

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