Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games has confirmed via Twitter that this trailer is indeed fake.

A rather convincing Fortnite Season 7 trailer was shared on Reddit the morning of December 2nd, 4 days before the end of Season 6. This trailer is very likely fake, lets break it down.

Redditor /u/FortniteLeakInfo took to the /r/FortniteBR subreddit to share a video which claims to be a leak of the Fortnite Season 7 trailer. Despite the above-average quality, there are many key points which prove its illegitimacy.

Fortnite Trailer Season 7 from r/FortNiteBR

It’s important to use the Season 6 ‘Darkness Rises’ Trailer as a reference to the quality which Epic Games can produce. This supposed leak doesn’t meet these standards at a multitude of points.

Thanks to @Bahngo who does Call of Duty level design, modeling, and animating for helping compile these inconsistencies.


The first obvious point is the shaky video which was likely recorded using a phone, one of the oldest techniques in the book. This distracts the viewer from spotting issues which would deny the authenticity of a leak.


The FX which is produced in the sky by the wizards closely resembles a freely available unity asset, appropriately titled Blizzard Spell.


The trailer appears to be rated as PEGI 12, however the lack of a soundtrack and polish indicates that this is would be a work-in-progress. The trailer would not be rated prior to being finalized.

On top of this, the PEGI rating does not have an equal distance from the bottom and right screen edges.


The airplanes in the beginning sequence are one of the only unique assets which are not present in-game. However, the models are very low-poly and do not fit the rest of the movie.

Also, the bokeh effect on the plane in the background is very poorly done. This creates an effect which makes the plane look like two separate, misaligned models.

We were not able to locate the asset used for these planes, it’s possible they were made from scratch and based on the Douglas C-47 (DC-3).


The shot of A.I.M. collapsing to the ground appears to be the standard downed player animation, slowed.


In the bottom-right corner of this panning shot a glider can be seen, yet it does not move. This indicates that the shot was filmed in replay mode while paused.

Trees are noticeably still, despite the fact that leaves are animated in-game and move based on the storm’s intensity.

The snowfall also moves with the camera during this pan, which is not natural and wouldn’t happen if it were actually snowing in the world.


Our verdict is that this is in fact a FAKE leak. However, it is impressive to see the community’s creativity and dedication to the game. What are your thoughts?

We’d love to have /u/FortniteLeakInfo share their side of this story, please reach out via Twitter DMs (@FortniteINTEL) if you are interested!

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