At this point you may be familiar with the name Ewok. The 13-year-old deaf Twitch streamer is making a name for herself.

She first appeared on the big stage a couple of months ago when Timthetatman gave her a host and Mizkif gave her a big donation. From there she appeared on the mainstream radar.

Despite a quick almost scandal as someone impersonated her online which was picked up and amplified by KEEMSTAR, her 2019 has basically been all highlights.

Today she had another amazing opportunity as she was able to complete a high-powered squad of some of the best players in the game.

She joined Ninja, DrLupo and Chap to dominate some pubs on stream.

That really has to be an amazing experience, and she wasn’t intimidated by the superstars around her

Not only is Ewok 13 years old and deaf, she is also really really good at Fortnite.

Check out this clip as she revives Chap (what a bot /s) and whips out the sniper to get some revenge.

One of the first people to amplify her was Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau who tweeted out one of the original clips to his audience of about 100,000 followers.

He tweeted a couple more times today summarizing how this isn’t just a feel-good story, but important for esports and gaming as a whole.

He ends with a call for an organization to pick her up, and it is honestly a wonder that hasn’t happened already.

There are nothing but positives to picking her up and it makes a ton of sense for any organization looking for good press.

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