Take a look at where to find Deadpool’s Katanas and how to complete the Fortnite X Deadpool Week 4 challenges.

The Fortnite Deadpool Week 4 challenges are live, and they’re easier than expected. This week, we’re working towards the first interesting cosmetic item from the third Marvel crossover.


The first step of the challenge is to find Deadpool’s Katanas. Many players, including myself, thought that you’d have to find these Katanas out in the world – similar to cosmetic challenges in the past.

Instead, you can find the first Katana in Deadpool’s small room, sticking out of the wall. The second is in the Upgrade Vault, to the left of Maya.

Via: u/Jonathan287

Once you’ve finished this step, you have to deal 10,000 damage to enemy structures. This sounds like a lot, but it’s nothing that a quick match of Team Rumble won’t accomplish.

You can easily deal 10,000 damage with some C4 – or even a Morotboat rocket – in Team Rumble. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll have one of the most popular back blings in Fortnite.

Deadpool’s back bling means that we might only be a week or two away from seeing the man, himself. We’ll know more about when Deadpool will arrive when next week’s v12.20 patch releases.

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