Newly discovered assets from the v7.30 files indicate that a Dark variant of the Love Ranger skin may be coming to Fortnite on Valentines Day 2019.

Multiple new assets have been discovered which point to the Dark Love Ranger skin being unlocked via Daily Challenges, similar to the Skull Trooper and Tomato Head variants.

Players who own the Love Ranger skin prior to this deal going live are expected to receive the variant for free while those who do not own it will need to complete Challenges.

via /r/FortniteLeaks

Multiple CupidDark assets can be found in the ChallengeBundleSchedules directory, this is where the Purple Skull Trooper and Regal Tomatohead assets can be found; indicating the same functionality will likely be used for the Dark Love Ranger.

A placeholder Banner Icon with the filename CompletionCupidDark has also been discovered. Players who complete all of the Dark Love Ranger Challenges will likely also receive a free Banner Icon.

via /r/FortniteLeaks

The exact amount of Challenges and what the Challenges actually require are not yet known, though some assets indicate that there will be 4 Daily Challenges.

via /r/FortniteLeaks

No visual assets for the Dark Love Ranger are present at the time of writing, models and textures are seemingly non-existent.

However, fans have created a rather impressive concept which demonstrates what a Dark variant of the Love Ranger skin could look like, based off of the Dark Bomber skin.

via /r/FortniteLeaks

Epic Games has yet to officially announce any events for Valentines Day, stay tuned.

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