Leakers have found a pickaxe in the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 game files belonging to the rumoured Dark Bomber skin that should be appearing.

The skin originally was introduced during Season 5, when the Week 10 loading screen presented the Cube, dubbed “Kevin” on Reddit, as somewhat evil. The screen showed Brite Bomber, a fairly common skin to see in the Item Shop, touching the Cube and seeing a much darker and evil version of herself in the reflection.

Many Fortnite players have theorised that Brite Bomber may receive an alternate skin which is titled “Dark Bomber” – this was reinforced when dataminers actually found a texture belonging to an upcoming Dark Bomber skin in the game files.

It’s possible we’ve only found a texture and not a playermodel because this will be a challenge-unlockable skin for those who own Brite Bomber.

However, leakers recently found in the v6.0 patch – added with the launch of Season 6 last Thursday, 27 September – a texture belonging to a possible pickaxe which seems to be a dark version of the Rainbow Smash axe.

The texture, found by @HypexLeaks and @Ta5tyy, is titled “Pickaxe_Dark_Bomber” and is possibly a dark version of the existing pickaxe “Rainbow Smash” instead of a new one. We can assume this will also be obtainable through challenges.

We still do not know when the Dark Bomber skin and pickaxe is going to make an appearance in-game, so we’ll have to wait and see.