Fortnite Season 8 has gotten off to a rocky start thanks to these strange bugs that have been afflicting players.

We’re now two days into Season 8 but players are already reporting game changing bugs that can directly affect the outcome of a match.

Players are running into issues with not being able to farm materials and taking lava damage from stepping onto metal structures.

We see both of these bugs on display in a clip that is just 30 seconds long from Dakotaz stream.

You can see Dakotaz take damage by landing on the metal stairs before landing on the ground and eliminating the two players.

Near the end of the clip, you can see him try to knock down the fall but doing no damage at all.

In replies to his tweet, you can see other players reporting the same problems and there have been a couple of Reddit threads made too.

As this issue gains more traction we’ll likely see Epic Games address it sooner or later.

Have you experienced this bug during you gameplay yet? Let us know in the comments!

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