Heading into the first weekend of 2019, here are the items players can find for the next 24 hours. 

Included in the Item Shop are Skins, Emotes, Gliders, Pickaxes, Back Bling, and more! Items are purely cosmetic only and do not offer any sort of competitive advantage.

Alternatively, you can turn on Tweet Notifications for @FortniteINTEL on Twitter to be notified right when the Item Shop updates.

This is one of the larger item shops with 12 items available. What’s your favorite?


Ravage (Legendary Skin)

Raven (Legendary Skin)

Snowfoot (Epic Skin)

Feathered Flyer (Rare Glider)

Iron Beak (Rare Pickaxe)

Inverted Blade (Uncommon Pickaxe)


Llamacadabra (Epic Emote)

Pink Flamingo (Epic Pickaxe)

Dazzle (Rare Skin)

Snorkel Ops (Rare Skin)

Ground Pound (Uncommon Emote)

Mainframe (Uncommon Glider)



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