In May of 2018, Epic announced their plans to bring Custom Bindings to Console for Controller players. 4 months later, Epic’s Senior Technical Designer /u/AaronAtEpic has provided an update on Custom Bindings and improvements to Edit Mode.

Custom Bindings for Controllers are in the finalization stages, likely meaning they are implemented internally and undergoing improvements and testing. It seems that Custom Bindings are not ready to be shipped alongside the next Patch.

Another quality of life improvement for Controller players is however aimed to release in the next Patch. Currently, players must hold the Edit Button (Circle on PS4, B on XB1) for 0.25s before Edit Mode will be entered. This update will decrease that delay to 0.15s (0.10s reduction) when using the Builder Pro button layout, and 0.20s (0.05s reduction) when using the Old School, Quick Builder, and Combat Pro button layouts.


What buttons do you plan to remap once this feature launches? Will the delay reduction to entering Edit Mode be significant enough, or even too significant?