Kevin the Cube from Fortnite Battle Royale has begun forming cracks on its surface, and now it has officially began cracking – with a short implosion event today.

The Fortnite cube, dubbed Kevin, has began to fully crack and very visibly is on the verge of what we expect to be an explosion.

Image via Tasty

As you can see, it is visibly on the verge of spontaneously combusting – with cracks and pieces of the cube everywhere. In this video from Dakotaz, you can see the already cracked cube get further in its stage and actually drop fragments into the portal.

A fragment of the cube fell straight into the sinkhole inside Leaky Lake and it was quite a big chunk of it at that. This might allow us to assume the events of tomorrow’s Fortnitemares finale – which we previously revealed may be 5 minutes long.

It was also leaked that the Cube will split into 3 fragments and fall into the Leaky Lake sinkhole. We’ll have to watch this event in person.

The finale event tomorrow will be at 1pm ET / 6pm UTC and is codenamed “Butterfly” in the game files. According to Epic Games, everything has been leading to this – the Cube’s creation, the rift in the sky, the portal, the floating island and everything else has been leading to this one-time event in Fortnite.

Let’s hope it does not disappoint. Make sure to stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for the latest regarding the game and all the events, especially news, rumors, leaks and much more.