Fortnite Creative has played host to a number of awesome fan-made creations, and this ‘Aim Corse’ has grabbed the attention of various professional players.

The ‘Fortnite Creative’ mode was introduced to the Battle Royale title at the beginning of Season 7, which has allowed fans and community members to express their ingenuity and imagination in-game unlike ever before.

Players have built everything from obstacle courses to massive, life-like monuments of their favorite content creators, along with everything in-between.

However, one creation titled ‘The Impossible Aim/ Edit Course’ by @ParallelCnnr has gained substantial notoriety among high-level community members for its difficulty and attention to detail.

You can view the full playthrough of the course below.

Courses like this can be vital for competitive players to warm-up prior to tournaments and make sure all of their skills are on point, or can just be a perfect way for some friendly competition to see who can get the quickest time.

However, at the time of writing, a code for the course is unavailable. Cnnr revealed that it will be available in the description of the official YouTube video in the near future.

Do you think you could complete this course?

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