Recently, the new Fortnite Capoeira emote video showcased by the official Fortnite social media team teased the upcoming changes to the map – including the removal of the Villain’s Lair and the Viking Village that was added in Season 4/5’s transition.

The Villain’s Lair was added as a plot-point and a build-up to the largest event ever in Fortnite – the Rocket Launch.

Image Source: @ShiinaBR

This happened in Season 4, where a Rocket launched from the Villain’s Lair and teleported around the map before causing the rifts in the sky you’ve seen all along Season 5.

However, the most notable thing spotted in the Emote video was a possible distant castle. This might be a new Point-of-Interest coming sometime next update.

Also spotted by @Ta5tyy and @ShiinaBR was a spray in the Battle Pass titled “Crazy Castle”.

The spray looks very similar to the castle in the distance in the emote video uploaded by Fortnite.

The only question that remains would be how these locations appear/disappear? The rift has closed, but the cube is still here. What might happen with the cube between now and then? We’ll be keeping a close eye.

What do you think? Will we be seeing Crazy Castle very shortly?