Players have been annoyed by the Mounted Turrets in Fortnite since they were brought into the game, but one streamer has an idea on how to fix them.

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, pleaded to Epic Games with a list of changes he would like to see while saying, “Please save us, Epic.”

This comes in response to the Mounted Turrets which are seen as both overpowered and incredibly frustrating.

The changes that CouRage asks for include limiting the carry limit, making the turret smaller, and having a setup time before it is ready to use.

Players early on found that they could set up two Mounted Turrets next to each other and hop between the two to avoid the cooldown timer.

Finding an Epic rarity weapon is typically rather difficult, but there seems to be an abundance of Mounted Turrets on the map.

FaZe Tfue said that the Mounted Turrets were the “Worst thing that [Epic] added to this game”.

Epic Games seems to be on the issue and will be applying a hotfix to the Mounted Turrets during the 6.31 update.

The changes will make the Mounted Turrets overheat faster, reduce their headshot multiplier, and make it easier for players to eliminate turret users from the front.

It is yet to be seen if Epic will be able to find a fit for Mounted Turrets or if they will just need to be vaulted to fix the problem.

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