Everybody knows that CourageJD’s a prankster, but he evolved to a new level upon successfully trolling TimTheTatMan with a Build-a-Bear.

Practical jokes & pranks bring a smile to our face and when we saw what Courage managed to pull on TimTheTatMan, we simply had to get an article out on this. We guarantee you’ll laugh at the clip.

Trolling takes many unfortunate forms on the Internet, but Courage knows how to troll in good taste. The timing, the content material, and his chosen target couldn’t have been better planned.

Courage sends TimTheTatMan a troll Build-a-Bear

In a kind gesture, Jack ‘CourageJD’ Dunlop decided to send his longtime friend’s son a gift. Naturally, a great option for a young boy is the treasured delight of a Build-a-Bear Workshop bear.

The gift was so irresistibly kind and cute that TimTheTatMan decided to open the package on stream. The act in itself can be a risky move for influencers because some unsavory ‘fans’ will try to send in inappropriate materials. But, Tim trusted his buddy and went on ahead with showing off the new bear.

Thing is, Tim, you’re dealing with Courage here and that means something’s up. Mr. Dunlop never misses a chance to promote the opportunity to subscribe to his channel using Twitch Prime.

As Tim pressed the audio play button on the cuddly companion, he knew he had made a mistake. Jack’s voice greeted Tim’s son and then promptly began to remind everyone to head to his channel at twitch.tv/couragejd.

The prank is simply beautiful in its design. Who isn’t going to open a Build-a-Bear sent to their son by a friend on stream? The outcome was completely inevitable. Honestly, TimTheTatMan should’ve seen it coming from a mile away, but let his guard down for just a second too long.

Other Internet trolls and pranksters could do well to take note from Courage. Don’t be mean or absurd, rather find ways to make people laugh through common interests.

In the end, Tim’s son still gets a nice present from his ‘Uncle Jack’ which we’re sure he’ll cherish for years to come. The whole situation brings a perfect win-win scernario…as long as we remove TimTheTatMan from equation as he took an ‘L’ for sure.

The two will most definitely laugh about this exchange when they meet up next time. They both play Fortnite on stream regularly. We may even see them testing out the new Automatic Sniper Rifle which released in the latest content update.

Again, bravo to Courage, the true king of Twitch Prime plugs.