Fortnite gets a lot of updates due Epic Games’ dedication to the craft and their unwavering support for the community, but not everything always works out. Audio design and footsteps are among these issues.

It’s no secret that the footstep sounds in Fortnite have had a wild development cycle. Fixes on audio volume, distance, occulusion, and many other factor have been implemented. While the steps can now be heard better than at Fortnite’s launch, they still present a problem.

Popular Twitch streamer, former CoD World League caster, and Fortnite player Courage commented on the current state of footstep audio in Fortnite. He isn’t happy with the situation.

The problems stem from the difficulty to hear opponent’s elevation in relation to the player. At times, an enemy above you can sound like they are below you or vice-versa.

Diagonal sounds when players are on different levels, but not directly above/below each other can warp sounds too. This creates the illusion that the sound is coming from the same level/floor as the player.

These sound issues reach a fever pitch when Fortnite is played between two experienced players. Split second decisions need to be made based the opponents position and the game’s footstep audio can radically alter gameplay outcomes.

Imagine if you are build-fighting an opponent and you swear you hear him build above you. You decide to try to trick them out by editing downward and build another tower/ramp up to the opponent.

Then it turns out the game’s audio messed up and the enemy shoots you as you edit downwards. This type of audio glitching is annoying to put it mildly.

We hope Epic Games is working on improving the footstep audio to become more predictable. The fix is much needed as both casual and competitive players need accurate audio data to make plays. A patch for this would be important before the Fortnite World Cup events start later this year.

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    • Fat ass? That’s not complaining, he’s actually giving a good point.
      Tell me AT LEAST 3 examples of him “complaining” about something.
      If you DO tell me some valid and reasonable examples, I’m gonna have to agree with you(which I know is not gonna be the case)
      I’m waiting for your reply

    • courage is one of the main guys thats Consistently praising fortnite every patch or update, this is a real issue in the game that needs to be fixed

  1. The footstep audio is actually shit since the map update where they “blended the audio together” no you can’t even hear if someone is right behind you because it sounds like they’re above and below you at the same time

  2. I had the same feeling. On other games, like R6 for example, you can tell if the enemy is approaching from the left, right, above or below. I’m tired of dying because I thought the enemy was on a position when he was on another.

    Tbh, I need a new game to play asap.

  3. I quit playing the game 1/4 of the way through season 6 and have recently returned for season 9. The audio was never perfect but it went from ok to complete trash in the time I was away from the game. Yes, early on the audio was loud but it’s better to be too loud than too quiet. You can always turn the sound fx volume down if it’s too overpowering but when you have the sound fx on max and can’t hear someone right behind you or tell where they are in relation to you that’s a huge problem. I paid $200 for my headset that has 3D sound and the ability to hear players running up on me and tell when they were above, below or beside me gave me a distinct advantage in the game.

    The season 9 audio is the worst audio I have ever experienced in any game and I’ve been gaming for over 25 years. Getting directional audio right is very simple and I personally believe that Epic is making the sound so bad on purpose to help the little kids who don’t have good headsets while screwing over the few people who did spring for the high quality headsets. It’s the same reason Epic insists on using bloom and rng heavy damage systems to give little kids a shot at taking out players with higher skill levels or better gaming gear.

    If the audio isn’t fixed by the end of the season I won’t be back for 10.


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