When Epic introduced the massive prize pool for competitive Fortnite, they splintered the game into two groups. 

The first, the pro and high skill players who were already some of the best at the game saw a chance to turn their skills into some serious money.

That group began focusing on the best meta, optimal building strategies and playing the game the best way to win in a professional setting.

CouRage fits into that first group, and he summed up the players in that group’s frustrations on Twitter.

So the issue is the other group. What CouRage calls “bad” players.

In reality, “casual” or “for fun” is a better description of this player base.

This group largely enjoys the introduction of crazy new items, they change the game a lot and allow casual players to ever have the chance to kill players like CouRage.

The problem now is that two groups have fundamentally different goals when they drop into a game.

The top players want dubs and lots of kills, the casual players just want to have fun. Neither one is wrong, but they are being forced into the same lobby.

A massive amount of Fortnite’s issues would be solved with the introduction of a ranked playlist. They could take the planes, dynamite, boombox, etc. out and still leave a place for players to use those items and have fun.

Obviously, not every player fits into one of these two groups, but there is a divide happening in the Fortnite player base, and there’s no solution in sight.

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