The former OpTic Gaming streamer who has a background in Call of Duty casting will be taking those talents to the Fortnite desk.

CouRage JD is a popular streamer in the Fortnite community. He is a key member of the streamer group that includes Ninja, DrLupo, TimtheTatMan and others.

He is a great choice for a World Cup commentator because he brings great energy to Fortnite events and knows when to be serious or let loose and have some fun.

He began as a caster for Call of Duty and his streaming career only really took off with the rise of Fortnite.

Now he can bring his skills full circle to become the voice of the Fortnite World Cup.

He was a regular caster/host for Call of Duty events from 2014-2018. After he left MLG he became entrenched in Fortnite and was one of the casters for the Summer Skirmish.

If you want an idea of how his casting will translate, this clip is hilarious, even if it isn’t how he will cast a professional event:

That was one of the very first major esports events for Fortnite even though it was less than a year ago.

In many ways, the World Cup represents the anniversary of Fortnite esports and is the massive event that the game was always angling towards.

That doesn’t mean it will be without issues. Epic has plenty of work that needs to be done before the World Cup to make it an enjoyable and competitive experience.

At least we know we have CouRage on the desk.

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