On July 13, Sky Platforms began to display a countdown timer, pointing to yet another in-game event.

With the final week for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, fans began to speculate if there was going to be an event to welcome the tenth season of Fortnite.

It has been rumored that Season 10 fill feature the Polar Peak monster facing off against the Pressure Plant robot.

The countdown timer will end on July 20 at 3 pm EST.

Cattus vs. Doggus?

There have been tons of hints pointing towards a huge fight taking place between the ‘Doggus’ (Pressure Plant robot) and ‘Cattus’ (Polar Peak monster) starting with a huge eye being visible within the glacier at Polar Peak.

The countdown will finish on July 20.

Players have been able to see the construction progress of the Pressure Plant robot, as there are different sections added on throughout the week.

Nobody has seen the Polar Peak monster since he broke out of the ice, so maybe this is Epic’s way of handling “damage” control.

The last few Fortnite in-game events allowed players to safely enjoy the activities without being eliminated, so fans can comfortably enjoy each event.

The robot is almost complete.

Marshmello’s concert in Pleasant Park sent players flying high in the sky during different bass drops throughout his set.

Its possible players will team up with the robot in order to defeat the monster, but there is no confirmation.

Epic does not comment on rumors or leaks, so we just have to wait to see what is coming for Fortnite’s tenth season!