Finally, an official countdown has appeared in Fortnite for the Unvaulting event. Players are now less than 24 hours away from voting for their favorite vaulted weapon or item to return.

The Loot Lake event has been getting hyped up by Epic Games for the whole of the Season 8. We’ve had helicopters, audio files, and dig sites popping up all over the place throughout the season.

Now, we are almost at the climax of the event. An official countdown has appeared in-game for the Unvaulting! Set your timers!

Unvaulting Event Timer Appears

We’ve been expecting some sort of in-game timer for the Unvaulting event for quite some time. Leaks already gave away the start time for the event earlier in the week.

Epic Games has now given players an in-game countdown timer for the event. You can find the timer floating above Loot Lake’s vault.

Here’s an image of the timer, courtesy of @iScernario on Twitter.

The official start time for the Unvaulting event is 3PM EST on Saturday, May 4th.

Players will be able to choose one of six vaulted items from Fortnite’s history to return to the game. The selections that will be available are as follows:

  • Tactical SMG
  • Drum Gun
  • Infinity Blade
  • Stormwing X4
  • Jump Pad
  • The Grappler

From past leaks, it has been revealed that players will be teleported to an “in-between” that lies somewhere in the middle of the Fortnite and Rift dimensions. This is where we will vote on our favorites.

Now, we don’t want to sway the vote in any way, but we do all know that the Stormwing and Infinity Blade are off-limits, correct? Just kidding, of course. Vote for what you think will be the best fit into modern Fortnite.

Be sure to have fun tomorrow at the Unvaulting and May the Fourth be with you as you do.