Ever since Fortnite’s launch, creators and artists have been developing concepts and ideas for Epic Games to use with their game. Today’s concept draws inspiration from current gameplay assets.

Every day, Redditors and other Fortnite fans draw up new designs for Fortnite. It’s a fun and creative way to support the game we all love.

It’s also a worthwhile venture as Epic Games is known to pay close attention to the community’s ideas. Many of the added weapons, items, and skins spawned initially from a fan’s passionate first design.

So, let’s celebrate another fine addition to our concepts tab with the Zipline Gun.

Concept: zipline gun shoot a zipline between two points and it will creat a normal zipline that everyone can use from r/FortNiteBR

This new item would allow players to launch and place their own ziplines for them and their teammates. It would provide a new mobility option with limited cover and a modest amount of speed.

This item would come in especially handy if you are forced into a bad position overlooking a sheer drop. Simply draw out your new tool, aim at two anchor points, and fire to hook the zipline into place.

The reason we think this would be a good addition to the game is because it offers a balanced and calculated solution in the wake of the Grappler’s removal.

The Grappler – One of Fortnite’s many Vaulted Items

The Grappler was notoriously fast and could be used a little too much ease. This led to the spammed usage of the Grappler to climb and run away from fights.

The Zipline Gun would provide the same type of extra terrain mobility without the ability to spam its uses.

A reasonable implementation of the item would allow for only 1 (maybe 2) uses of the item before being depleted. In addition, a failed attempt ie. shooting the zipline too far/off-target should also deplete the charge.

The Zipline would probably have to destroy built structures as blocking its shot would be too easy otherwise. Naturally, these balance issues would be up to Epic Games and the community to decide upon if the Zipline Gun is ever released.

You can find more concept on our website by scrolling through our articles or by searching “concept” in our search bar. We highly recommend it as the Fortnite community has created some mind-blowing work in the past year.

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