Vehicles in Fortnite have generally had a lot of the same problems. Quick rotations with ease and late game annoyance are two of these problems, but an EMP mechanic could help quell their power.

Electromagnetic pulses or EMPs are short bursts of electromagnetic energy that disable electronics. Many games have adopted their use as ‘killstreaks’ or counters to other gadgets.

Vehicles in Fortnite have become problem during rotations and late-game due to their general ease of use. While this isn’t a huge problem for casual Fortnite, the issue has essentially demolished the very foundations of competitive Fortnite.

What’s the problem with current vehicles?

If you don’t watch or play high-level competitive Fortnite, you might be wondering why we are so concerned about Fortnite vehicles. They have little impact in casual Fortnite outside of easy rotations.

For competitive Fortnite, the vehicles have been a serious problem. The only vehicle that truly found its way into the hearts of competitive players was the Quadcrasher.

The Baller is the amalgamation of every vehicle issue put into one. Fast rotations, quick movements, no way to damage players within it, and chaotic close range craziness. For an example, all you have to do is take a look at the video below.

Even with all the nerfs to the Baller, the end-games in competitive Fortnite still generally devolve into this garbage. Limited gunfights are already a problem in Fortnite esports without vehicles mucking things up.

So, how do we fix these problems? One possible solution could be an EMP wave.

Electromagnetic Warfare

Epic Games has been completely adverse to the idea of having two separate version of the game. One for competitive and one for casual mayhem.

With that in mind, an EMP wave or bomb would be a good solution that solves the problem for both without completely deleting the vehicles from the game.

Game Mechanic: Electromagnetic Wave from r/FortNiteBR

Reddit user ‘totorohunter’ has created a sketch-up of the concept.

An EMP wave would travel over the whole map from a random direction and disable all vehicles it hits for the remainder of the match.

This solution is a nice “best of both worlds.” Vehicles are great for early game rotations where the random Storm zones decides to close clear on the other side of the map. Without vehicles, you would have to abandon looting almost immediately to start running for your life.

The EMP wave would allow players to rotate to the 3rd circle with fast moving vehicles, but then disable them for late game.

In the late game, vehicles offer a much-too-easy option for survival. Even if you mess up your angle for rotation to the 4th/5th zone, a vehicle’s fast speed will save you.

Additionally, in late game, having Ballers crashing into people and builds is simply annoying. The whole point of a Battle Royale is that the person with the most skill comes out on top, not the person that happened to randomly bounce around the most.

The EMP wave would eliminate vehicles from the late game and return Fortnite to a shooter-base at the end of matches.

What do you think of this new idea? Do you prefer Fortnite as a shooter in the late-game or are you fine with the chaos generated by end-game vehicles? Tell us in the comments below.

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