A Fortnite fan has created a grenade concept called the Decoy Grenade that would make your enemies believe gunfights are happening around them.

Reddit user Harry34186 pitched the Decoy Grenade as a way to either distract nearby opponents or create an ambush for those trying to ‘third party’ a fight.

Third party attacks are a common issue when a fight between two players or teams goes on for too long.

Another common occurrence is when a separate player or team arrives to ‘clean up’ the survivors from a gunfight.

The decoy grenade could be used to simulate a gunfight to draw out players looking to pounce on gunfights.

Credit: Harry34186

You could then turn the tables and ambush the players who were looking to third party.

The other use is a distraction. Typically when players hear gunshots near them they will look to defend themselves or get a vantage point of the shooter.

Throwing a Decoy Grenade could give you enough time to reposition, or even escape a bad encounter.

Another user commented how it would be good if the Decoy Grenade sounded like a glider flying until it hit the ground, where it would then sound like a gunfight.

This would give the simulation of aggressive players flying in and attacking.

Harry34186 said that the idea for the Decoy Grenade came from Call of Duty Black Ops 1, where there is an item with a similar effect.

Some players think that the item would be overpowered in early game encounters in places like Tilted Towers. However, others see it becoming a bit of a gimmick as players get used to the sounds the Decoy Grenade would make.

Epic Games is no stranger to adding new items to Fortnite, however, there is no inclination as to whether or not this concept will ever make it into the Battle Royale.

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