Have you ever imagined having the ability to call in a supply drop on your position during a game of Fortnite? Well, one fan has taken their idea to the next level with a concept of a whole new item.

The Supply Spawner, a concept created by Reddit user Duover, would allow players to call in a supply drop that would arrive within a 20-meter radius of their position after a minute waiting period.

While it clearly has been inspired by the current supply drops in-game, having the ability to call a drop in directly on your location would be a great change – especially in a pinch when you’ve had a poor looting start to the game.

Item concept: Supply Spawn! from r/FortNiteBR

While the idea seems to be well thought out, there is one small omission that would be vital during games – how are enemies alerted to a supply drop being called in?

The location of the current, random, supply drops is shown on the in-game map with a small crate icon, with the ballon it arrives with being visible to players. There is also smoke to help alert players to its location.

Being able to alert enemies to the position of the drop can change things as it then can be used as bait for a trap.

Loot Llamas have gone through some changes but still drop loot

Fortnite fans have come up with similar concepts in the past. Reddit user ApeLandscape had the idea of ‘The Safe’ which was another twist on the supply drops that would guarantee a legendary weapon – but came with a significantly longer opening time that current drops.

Epic Games have already shown a willigness to change things up when it comes to adding new ways to find items – be it through the Loot Llamas or Vending Machines.

Could they follow through on an idea similar to this concept? It remains to be seen.

If you think having the ability to call in a supply drop would be a good idea, let us know below!

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