The gigantic sphere of ice that has appeared in Fortnite above Polar Peak has some fans questioning what it stands to do. 

The orb was added into Fortnite on January 15 with the V7.20 patch, with fans and leakers alike doing their best to figure out it’s intentions.

It didn’t take too long for some fans to discover that the Ice Sphere is home to the ‘Ice King.’ While the intentions of the character who was advertised on the opening screen of Season 7, some fans believe there may be another reason for its presence.

Many believe the orb has been teased for some time and may have a link to the A.I.M skin that was a part of the cosmetics from Season 6. The skin could only be claimed for completing the Hunting Party challenges from the previous season.

Eagled-eyed players have noticed that the logo that donned the A.I.M’s parachute from when it landed on the Battle Royale island looks awfully similar to what is expected to take place with the sphere.

The logo, which can be theorised in a number of different ways, shows a globe appearing inside a number of broken parts that could be interpreted as looking the break-up following an explosion from the globe inside. 

Whether these two are actually linked is yet to be revealed. However, it won’t be long before we find out either way with weather warnings for the next in-game event already starting to appear on television screens that can be found.

Do you think the Ice Sphere and A.I.M skin/logo are linked in some way with this theory? Leave a comment down below!

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