Professional Fortnite player, Cloakzy, had an ugly falling out with FaZe Clan in similar style to his duos partner, Tfue. The popular player now seems to be on the cusp of joining 100 Thieves.

Fortnite’s professional scene can be a tumultuous sea of unknowns and twists no one can see coming. Tfue’s and Cloak’s exits from FaZe and Nickmercs’ departure from 100 Thieves began to change the faces of the two organizations.

Recently, Cloak has been getting quite cozy with 100 Thieves and we suspect that an official announcement may be just around the corner. Let’s get into why we think something big’s about to happen.

Cloak to appear on 100 Thieves’ “Courage & Nadeshot Show

Cloak to join 100 Thieves? – IMG: 100 Thieves/FaZe Clan

Shortly after CourageJD joined 100 Thieves, Nadeshot setup a talk show with the celebrity gamer which features other big streamers, esports pros, and other gaming figures from a variety of different scenes.

The talk show, the Courage & Nadeshot Show, is set to feature Cloak as the main guest. Timthetatman will also join the cast as a special guest.

This has raised questions about Cloak’s future intentions on joining organizations. He did previously state that he did not want to be ‘transferred’, but did not discount the possibility of joining another organization by himself.

Cloak has also been seen hanging out with 100 Thieves members and has visited the org’s house. To us, that seems like he’s trying to get familiar with how the team works, what he could expect from them, and what 100T would ask of him in return. He’s even seen here wearing a 100 Thieves hoodie.

This could just be the 100 Thieves staff being nice and providing the player with a free hoodie to help with the visual aesthetics of the show. It’s something, but doesn’t confirm his interest in joining 100 Thieves. Cloak maintains close friendships with many 100T members.

The latest edition of the CouRage & NadeShot Show will be available at 12PM PST/3PM EST on July 11.

The tweet above suggests that Cloak may let out some of his frustrations with FaZe Clan and talk about his contract. Of course, it also mentions that Tim will reveal his own ‘biggest secrets’, so it could all be referring to funny little stories from the players’ personal lives.

It’s important to remember that Tfue entered into a lawsuit against FaZe Clan when he left. This prevented the star from revealing info about FaZe’s inner workings, but Cloak isn’t under such a burdened situation. Whether or not we get anything new is up to the man himself, but we’re certainly hoping for spicy extra details.

Do you think Cloak’s close proximity to the 100 Thieves brand means he’ll soon join their ranks? Or is it just a streamer wanting to grow his influence while chatting with fellow pros about issues in their lives?